TI-84 Projects

Prerequisite: How to move programs to your TI-84 Calculator

The programs below are written in TI-BASIC, which can be transferred from your computer to your TI-84. You will need two items:

A USB cable, Type A male to Type B Mini male
TI-Connect software from Texas Instruments. (Mac / Windows)


A tiny program that does one thing: factor numbers. Put in any number greater than 2, and it will return all factors. If the number is prime, the program will return the message it is a prime number.


Quadratic Professor, version 203. Replaces Quadratic Theta, an earlier version. This program is great for checking your work. It takes three numbers, the coefficients of a quadratic expression in the form of
A𝑥² + B𝑥 + C = 0. Using those three numbers, you will see the graph, (auto adjusted, no need to fuss with the window), and the solutions, as reals, complex, and always in exact form. Radical expressions are kept and fractional answers are in lowest terms. Included is a version that works on the older TI-84 Plus models.

Instructions.docx (still to be written)


Transformations Professor. The program can do rotations, dilations, reflections, translations. It takes a shape (you enter the x,y points) and from there you can do transformations! Includes an easy "demo" shape to get you started. Fun features include any degree rotation, and any line defined by slope and y intercept. Zip file includes the app file for your calculator and a short instruction sheet.

Transformation Documentation.docx


Statistics Professor. The program can do single variable calculations, binomial probability, z-scores and percentiles, normal distributions and curves. It has a random data maker (very handy!) and will handle Inferential Statistics.


Radical. It does one thing: takes a radical number, like √128, and expresses it in simplest exact form, 8√2. Included is a version that works on the older TI-84 Plus models.


List Primes. It does one thing: Take any number n, and lists all the primes from 2 to n. It will store the results into built-in list, L1. See graphic on the left.

TMV Financial App Document

This is not a program I wrote. Rather, it is a built-in App made by TI, and I have a YouTube Video explaining how to use it.