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March 2020, and going forward- will be an interesting time to be an educator.
If you've been a traditional teacher who has been teaching in a building, and has suddenly found yourself faced with the prospect of being required to work from home or deliver your instruction online, you're not alone. Rest assured, there are ways to deliver content online and make learning enjoyable for your students. Not everyone will like it. You might even be depressed by it. Remember, a good teacher sets the example in both attitude and effort, and if you want good outcomes for your students, it must start with you.
Below you will find videos, how-to's and tips for teaching online. My door is open. you may write me at my email for specific questions. abornemath@gmail.com.
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-Andrew Borne



What's a good setup at home?

Everyone's workspace is individual to them. We all have a computer we like, screen that's a good size, and a comfy chair. Some even use a stand-up desk. Here is what I use at home.

Computer: MacBook Pro, 13 inch, 2017
Laptop Stand: Twelve South Curve

Keyboard: Bluetooth Apple keyboard model A1314
Trackpad: Bluetooth Apple trackpad 1 model A1339

Graphics Tablet: Wacom Intuos model BT S
Alloda Qi Fast Charging Stand for iPhone
Texas Instruments TI-84 CE Graphing Calculator

Not in picture: regular earbuds
Not in picture, Acer 21" external display

*behind the computer is a plastic bin with pens, pencils, tape, etc.

Easy Document Camera Image

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Easy Document Camera Image


Last Updated March, 2020