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Last updated July 9, 2019

   Created or gathered by Andrew

PDF Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, Downloaded from this site, I suggest you donate to this person, this PDF is very good. 1687 CE
PDF Euclid's Elements. All Books, with side-by-side Greek and English translation. The gem of the collection. See Book I, proposition 47 for the famous pythagorean theorem. 300 BCE
PDF Mathematics in Poetry, by JoAnn Growney, MD Oct 2006
PDF The Best Ever unit circle printable  
PDF That Darn River boat Problem, example of a difficult uniform motion problem (algebra)  
PDF Finding Polynomial Roots, three different ways, examples from advanced algebra
PDF How to manually compute square roots. From The Encyclopedia Britanica, 1961
PDF Multiplying Polynomials: using a box (or table)  
PDF Step-by-Step rendering of the Mandelbrot Set. Orbits & Iteration (high school level)  
PDF Blooms Taxonomy for Learning, Math emphesis, by Andrew Borne  
JPG Eight points on how to teach mechanical engineering  
PDF Like the biblical 10 commandments, but math related! Thou shall not...  

   Podcasts, audio and video files

AUDIO 17 minutes, Podcast Science Friday, Christmas Math with Dr. Hannah Fry Dec 2017
VIDEO VanGogh's paintings capture fluid dynamics and turbulent flow
AUDIO Datamining, Marketplace, Minnesota Public Radio, 8 Megs Sep 2010
AUDIO Introduction to Number Theory (6 minutes) easy to understand  
AUDIO NPR, Christmas by the Numbers (time: 4:40) 4.3 Megs Aug 2013
VIDEO The Mathologer demonstrates and explains the -1/12 summation "proof" is incorrect Jan 2018
VIDEO A bizzare and incorrect proof of how the summation of the positive integers equals... -1/12th?
But wait! The Mathologer demonstrates here there was a lot of sloppy math.
Jan 2014
AUDIO Comedy Sketch from Wits, American Public Media, staring David Cross May 2014
AUDIO TED Radio Hour: Why do we solve for x? 53 minutes May 2016
AUDIO On Faith, Krista Tippet interviews Mario Livio, author of Is God a Mathematician? June 2015
VIDEO The Map of Mathematics Feb 2017
VIDEO TEDx Sydney 2014, Clio Sesswell presents the mathematics of sex. Romance, marriage, hormones and more 2017

   People in the field of Mathematics

PDF The complete notes of Countess Ada of Lovelace, including NOTE G, (page 24).
PDF Andrew Wiles receives award for solving Ferman's Last Theorem Mar 2016
PDF Albert Einstein failed math as a child? No, he didn't.
PDF Obituary of Jaime Escalante, LA Times 2010
PDF Ada Lovelace wrote the world's first computer program...what did it do? Dec 2012
PDF The Multimillion-Dollar Minds of 5 Mathematical Masters, New York Times June 2014
PDF An Iranian woman wins the Fields Medal, the highest honor in mathematics. CNN Aug 2014
PDF Boo! The 'Witch' of Agnesi, a spooky curve by female mathematician Maria Agnesi  
PDF Three African American Women earn a Ph.D. in mathematics  
PDF Mathematician Sylvia Serfaty- interview March 2017

   Mathematics & Art

PDF The Painter who Entered the Fourth Dimension, BBC May 2016
PDF A beautiful photographic series of computers from the 1950's and 60's May 2016
PDF A look at the mathematics behind the works of M.C. Escher  
PDF A (happy) statistical analysis of the paintings of Bob Ross by Walt Hickey  
PDF The amazing mathematical art of Rafael Araujo, human-made drawings.
He's on facebook, check it out here
Feb 2014
PDF Fractals, Graphics, and Mathematics Education, by Benoit B. Mandelbrot

   News Articles

PDF The Golden Ratio's aesthetic bono fides are bulls**t. It's a 150 year old scam. July 2019
PDF Modern computer "complexity" problem solved from Cauchy interlace theorem, which was written 200 years ago. July 2019
PDF Math genius couple bag $26 million after working out how to win the lottery Jan 2019
PDF Why it matters if we become innumerate, BBC Captial July 2018
PDF Math Advances Raise the Prospect of an Internet Security Crisis August 2013
PDF If Robots Run the World, What Should Students Learn?, Katrina Schwartz April 2013
PDF How Mathematics can help solve the political problem of gerrymandering Feb 2017
PDF How Math is affecting advertizing in social media Aug 2013
PDF Why do Americans stink at Math? New York Times Aug 2014

   Collected from all over

PDF How to manually calculate Trig functions and π
.Docx Lesser known math terms, like Solidus and Vinculum
PDF A Brief Taxonomy of Numbers, by Peter J. Thomas May 2017
PDF Quora Answer: The Missing Dollar Problem
PDF Why are girls under-represented in higher math? Sep 2016
PDF Belphegor’s Prime. An Obscure Number Into a Scary Story Sep 2016
PDF Essay from Aeon Flux. See math in the world around you. Feb 2017
PDF The Unreasonable Effectivness of Mathematics, by Eugene Wigner 1960
pptx The Beauty of Mathematics, unknown author  
PDF Al-Kwarazmi, "The Father of Algebra"
PDF Some Reasons for the Effectiveness of Fractals in Mathematics Education,
by Benoit B. Mandelbrot and Michael Frame
PDF Infinity: You can't get there from here! From Platonic Realms website
PDF Math Jokes, anecdotes and other funny quotes, Collected by Mike Cook even more!
PDF A primer on Zeno's Paradox, from Platonic Realms
PDF Mathematics and the spiritual dimensions, by Swami B. B. Visnu
PDF Greatest Math Discovery of all time? square root of 2 Nov 2016
PDF The Bumble Bee can't Fly Myth
PDF How Long is the coast of Britian?, by Benoit B. Mandelbrot 1967
PDF 666, A mathematical examination, by Mike Keith  
PDF The Rapunzel Number: The Math of Ponytails Feb 2012
PDF The amplituhedron: a Jewel at the heart of Quantum Physics, Quanta Magazine Sep 2013
PDF Understanding the Fourier transform, by Stewart Riffle Dec 2013
PDF Number Games: Dyscalculia Jan 2013
PDF Quora answers, The mysterious "Multiplication Wheel" of Oklahoma May 2016
PDF From Journeys in Film, math Lesson plan from the movie Hidden Figures April 2017