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Trig Defs


These quick reference pages are courtsey of the site EE Web  

A single page of graph paper, each square is one-fifth of an inch.
Download PDF
10x10 coordinate grids, 6 per sheet.
Download PDF
8x8 coordinate grids, 6 per sheet.
Download PDF
30x30 coordinate grids, 2 per sheet.
Download PDF
An 8x8 coordinate plane with quadrants
Download JPEG
A 10x10 coordinate plane
Download PNG file
Isometric dot grid, printable paper sheet
Download PDF
Unit Circle, the best ever.

Download PDF, 1 circle per Sheet
Download PDF, 2 circles per Sheet


Southpark "Math Is...Universal" Poster

For fans of the long-running Comedy Central show Southpark, above is a re-creation of that poster seen in the background of Mr. Garrison's 4th grade classroom, the famous "Math Is...Universal" poster. The astronomical image is known commonly as the keyhole nebula, which is a smaller part of the Carina nebula.

The font used is called arcon. I had it printed at Walgreen's photo printing services, at a size of 16 inches by 20 inches for around $25. Download the full-sized poster, send it to Walgreens (or other printing services) print, and hang in plain sight! You never know what 4th grader will be inspired...


This graphic image is a raster based image, saved as a Adobe Photoshop CC file. A raster-based graphic, originally designed by Tom Hughes and John Casado, (article PDF) is made of curves and lines based on equations so it can be scaled and sized without limitation. In a way, this is where math is in design. Enjoy!

Learn About: Vector Graphics | Raster Graphics
Pierre Bézier | Henri Matisse | See his art

Try the Bezier Game


Below are some intersting examples of fractals created using a language called postscript, a language known mostly for displaying fonts, and is generally generated by other programs and is not written by humans. They are generated as you open them inside an Adobe PDF document. Below are the Barnsley Fern, the Koch Snowflake, and the Gingerbread Man map. I think I found them on this webpage of Anders Reggestad


Last Updated July, 2019