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zip file
This is a TI-84 CE emulator. macOS High Sierra compatible. Version 1.3
zip file
This is a TI-84 CE emulator. Windows 64 Bit compatible. Version 1.3
TI-83 Plus Debugger and instructions
Compatible for Windows 95 Through Windows 10. Get this, it's a fully functional TI-83 Plus as software. It was designed to be a debugger, but it works great as a on screen! This is a .zip file containing the TI-83 Debugger I've downloaded from Texas Instruments, and yes, it's gone from their website. Included in this zip file is a short video tutorial on how to install it, and run it for the fist time. Student-friendly.
Virtual TI v5
Works with Windows 7. This program simulates the look and function of a TI-83 Plus and a TI-89, which are included in this zip file.
Compatible with Windows 7. Unfortunately this is an abandoned project and is no longer available from the website Wabbit EMU is a Z80 simulator. Highly configurable. Can be used to simulate a TI-83, TI-84 Plus, and even the TI-84 Color. This .zip file was saved from March 2015.
HP 15c emulator
Windows 7 and 10 tested. Widely regarded as one of the greatest engineering calculators. While this isn't great software, it's functional and is a fun way to try an implementation of the HP-12c's scientific cousin. When Hewlett Packard re-issued this beloved calculator as a limited edition around 2013, they included a CD-ROM with a computer emulation version.

There was a problem; there was an issue with a failed serial number / registration mechanism. So, they started giving it away for free. Then for some reason the free version disappeared from it's server. Here it is, enjoy! You can also find it from Hewlett Packard as an App on iTunes, click here.

HP 10Bii+ emulator
Windows 10 tested. A Common financial calculator for those who prefer algebraic entry instead of RPN entry.
TI SmartView Texas Instrument's SmartView software for TI-84 CE. 90-day free trial. An Emulator is also available for the TI-30XS Multiview but I don't know if this link is stable.

Calculators online - simulated versions of hand-helds.

TI-84+ SE
Pearson Testing provides an online TI-84+ Silver Edition for students to use. Click this link and then click on the calculator button near the top to activate a pop-out emulation of the calculator! 

Online TI-30XS Multiview Pearson Testing provides an online TI-30XS Multiview for students to use. Click this link and then click on the calculator button near the top to activate a pop-out emulation of the calculator! 

HP 12c web emulator
Touch Fin
This is pretty cool, a free, fully working HP-12c right on the web, implemented as Javascript. Page requires adobe flash in browser for some reason.

Chrome App, Touch Fin will open in it's own window and behaves more like a desktop app for $1.99. Give it a try to get a taste of reverse Polish notation. You can purchase actual Windows/PC and Macintosh app versions from RLM Tools.

Online Calculator / Graphing websites

Desmos This website needs no introduction. It's really good!
Geogebra This website needs no introduction either. It's really, really good!
HPE Table of Values
A product of, this is perfect tool for doing one thing: generating a table of values from a function.

Short link:

MathWay Very decent online calculator. With a subscription, it will provide some algebra step-by-step.
WolframAlpha Wolfram alpha combines a calculator with a knowledge engine. Provides many cool features, like seeing problems solved, ste-by-step, with a subscrption
Google's Calculator Google to the rescue! How long has this been here and I never knew about it? Never mind all those other websites cluttered with dozens of distracting ads! Just google it!
Online Fractal Generator Okay, so this isn't really an online calculator, however, it's just too cool not to include here.
Online Fractal Lab An interactive fractal "explorer" where you can fly around and see a fractal up close.