Have a link to add?

If you have a website or an app that will provide a student or teacher with a good resource, then I will include it on the Games & Links page. Send an email of the web address to abornemath@gmail.com. The cost is $5 for a lifetime (as long as I'm alive and the internet supports webpages) place in Games & Links. Payment can be transmitted via PayPal or Venmo.

A few points to keep in mind:

• Excessive advertisement banners or flashing graphics on a website which are distracting will not make the cut. A few ads are okay.

• The theme must be related to mathematics, computer science, physics, etc.

• You must have some original content. This website, and especially the Games & Links page, is a gateway to other resources. A gateway to another gateway is not helpful to anyone.

• Your content must be free of identity politics.

• If your site requires paid membership, that's fine. Some useable content must be free, or have a fully functional free trial period.