I'm Andrew Borne. I currently teach high school level mathematics for Houston Public Schools in Houston, Minnesota, a small public school district in Southeastern Minnesota. Wondering where that is? The building is located here, take a look using What Three Words, what3words.com/specified.nitrate.tubes. I am an online teacher. My students live all over the state, and I enjoy the diversity of urban / rural, suburban students I work with.


I hold a bachelors degree in computer information systems (BA), applied mathematics (BS), and a masters degree (MA) in education. My teaching license view pdf, can be verified with the State of Minnesota at this website. I also have graduate-level certificates from Mankato State and Ball State University.

My current educational interests are applied statistics and mathematical literacy. I also continue to explore how education technology is meeting the needs of both teachers and learners. Over the years, high school teachers of mathematics have seen some significant developments in technology for teaching & learning. Starting with the TI-30, the workhorse of scientific calculators in the 1970's to today's ubiquitous, often free apps: PhotoMath, and now Artificial Intelligence, it's unclear how best prepare them to be citizens of the 21st century, yet we must go forward knowing that they will have access to fantastic tech.

I made this website for two reasons: First, as a student teacher back 2006, before cloud-based storage was a thing, I had the idea of placing my own resources on the web to make it easy to find items quickly. If I needed to print a sheet of graph paper, it was a few mouse clicks away. I keep it on this page This website, -with many revisions over the years- evolved into the repository it is today.

The second reason? It's a great excuse to keep up my web design and internet skills. I'm not a pro by any stretch of the imagination! However, I manually make every page and learn the HTML, CSS and Javascript necessary to maintain my little corner of the web.

I have a YouTube Channel. (Link) Here are some videos I'm proud of:

Looking for my email?
You may email me at abornemath@gmail.cmo but PLEASE fix the spelling, that last part, cmo helps prevent webpage scrappers from harvesting my email address.

Last Revised: August 2023